What are Nutri-cosmetics?

Nutricosmetics are the beauty products that you eat rather than applying over your skin or the specific targeted area of the body. These products are in use nowadays and one trending very fast, and according to researchers in future there will be no worry of applying daily creams, lotions or other products. Instead, you have to eat just one pill, and you will get amazing results.

Just imagine a day when you will go out in full sunny day without applying any sort of sunscreen or any sort of beauty cream, and you will have no worries of skin tanning or UV rays damage because you have just taken a beauty pill in the morning before going out in that sunlight. According to researchers, this will do happen in the near future with the advanced development of Nutri-cosmetics.

Some of the researchers have the point of view that in 2020 the budget for Nutri-cosmetics will be doubled to the present day and pills for healthy shiny hairs, smooth skin and strengthened nails will be in the market.

You will have all the beauty just by engulfing some pills and tension of applying something to your body to get beauty will be diminished. It is not surprising as we know that we are what we eat. Our food directly impacts our health, our skin, and our body, so Nutri-cosmetics does have an effect on our skin and could help us to look beautiful and stunning by using such products.

The main thought arises here in most of the minds is that how these Nutri-cosmetics are different from present day multivitamins and how to choose between a variety of Nutri-cosmetics that are suitable for your own skin and hairs and that could enhance your beauty.

These Nutri-cosmetics also contain the basic vitamins essential for good skin, hairs and nails such as Vitamin B and Vitamin D. The main difference is that these cosmetic products go a step further and have more vitamins and have more beautifying ingredients that are specifically targeted for hairs, skin or nails.

Other than general vitamins they also have collagen, and hyaluronic acid which makes these Nutri-cosmetics more effective and have an optimum effect and their effect is shown even during their processing.

However, another important thing to note down here is that as we all know excess of everything is bad so taking in these Nutri-cosmetics in a large amount to get optimum beauty should also not be the choice. The high level of water-soluble substances will simply pass through the body, but fat soluble substances, will stay stick to the body rising in their level inside the body and that rising level may be toxic to the body, and that results in accumulation of toxins inside the body. These toxins may result in nausea, headaches and blotchy skin.

Keep another thing in mind when choosing a pill that it should have a clinical trial backup otherwise it may have some experimenting effects and may result in some severe side effects. So, use them with precaution.