Perfect Your Young Look With Makeup Application

When we age that starts to show on your face. It isn’t a bad thing but it takes a while for you to accept that you are moving towards an old age, so you try your best to keep it the same for as long as you can. What is that you can do for that? Make up can play the role of a magic wand in women’s daily life. Some use it to hide their imperfections while some do it to enhance their already beautiful features. To your benefit, it can also be used to take some years off of your age and make you look younger than before. So which areas are most important in this makeup application, this article will tell all that.

Flawless skin

Skin is that first thing which everyone’s notices and the flawlessness of it indicates that you’re young, fresh and youthful. Luckily, you can achieve that look with makeup do, but only if you do it the right way. You need to first use a moisturizer or primer to make a smooth base, that doesn’t crack later. Now pick a foundation that matches your current skin tone and blends perfectly. Don’t use powder because that will amplify the fine lines and reveal the wrinkles if you have any.

Rosy cheeks

Even when you put blush, don’t use a powder one because that will again reveal fine lines. You should go for a cream/liquid blush. For the color, you should go for a hint of pink or rose gold because both of them work best with almost all skin tones. Use it on the apple of your cheeks and pick a highlighter to define the temples and add a shimmery effect.

Younger looking eyes

On your eyes, the first thing that you need to do is to conceal those dark circles. Always use your fingers to blend the concealer under your eyes. After this, you should grab two colors for eyelids and apply with light hands. Use neutral hues for these. For the liner, instead of using the usual black liner you can go for a gel liner and give it an even fresh look. Now, put the mascara. Make sure that you don’t clump your lashes so move the wand in a zigzag motion upwards.

Groomed brows

Brows are the most obvious feature of your face that reveal your age. The hair in them start to get thin, and the shape starts to fade away as well. Never forget to fill the brows with a light brow pencil and shape it accordingly as well. Dab a highlighter under your aches to further define that areas.

Fuller lips

Use a primer for lips to make sure the color stays or use powder on your lips. Outline your lips with a neutral color that matches your lip color and blend it later. Now, when you put the final lip color make sure that the color is a warm tone or a nude, avoid dark colors as they look to mature.